I Love My Willy

Remember that time I said I was taking a break? There were two shows I really wanted to do and two shows I kindof wanted to do, but then I realized… I love my couch.

But then I got a message from Jessica, the founder and leader of the Phoenix Theatre Company. She had procured the rights to the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged). Did I think our husbands could pull it off, and who should the third cast member be? And before I could remember just how much I love my couch, the words were out of my thumbs – “Are you open to not using a dude? What if I read for it?”

Famous. Last. Words.

If you’re not familiar with Complete Works, it is all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays (and the sonnets!) in 97 minutes. As you might suspect from such a shortening, it is highly irreverent and cheeky. And ridiculously fun. Perhaps more fun to watch than to learn. I am not accustomed to having that many lines without any singing and dancing!

I don’t want to give too much of the show away, in case you get the chance to see it one day, but it’s definitely Shakespeare as you’ve never seen or even imagined — unless you have a very creative imagination!

One of the great things about Phoenix shows is getting to work with my husband, Hampton, who can dance, but only sings under duress. And rarely works for free. He makes a very pretty lady, clearly.

Another benefit to Phoenix shows is that we often rehearse in our apartment complex’s clubhouse. Handy!

We did our first performance at Phoenix’s home base — the Pittsboro Roadhouse & General Store. The owner, Greg, is very good to us — and many other musical and theatrical acts in the area. The audience had a lot of friendly faces, and their encouragement encouraged our sillies!

We did a second performance at my place of employment. I don’t like to talk about where I work, because I don’t want any of my theatrical shenanigans or political rants to reflect poorly on them — but we are SO grateful they booked us… and those for whom we performed seemed to enjoy it… for the most part! At any rate, I wasn’t fired, and we will get to return with our murder mysteries and A Christmas Carol in the future.

Coincidentally, that show was on World Theatre Day.  AND International Whiskey Day.

Thanks to Melinda Massie for posting a version of this graphic!

So now… we wait for more bookings — and hope we don’t forget too much in between performances. We don’t require much room or any technical equipment, just an audience who will appreciate our sillies. For booking information, contact Jessica Nunn at artistic.director@phoenixtheatreco.com or (336) 417-6217.

Today is the day commonly celebrated as William Shakespeare’s birth and death day. And, despite my decades of admiration, this year I celebrate a bit more educated and even more appreciative.

No filter. That hair color was out of date before we opened. And I definitely never buttoned that tunic properly.

[Yes, those are definitely Sister Robert Anne’s sparkly shoes. Sans taps.]






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