Hi!  If you’re reading this, you probably saw the URL while at a show and are killing time  waiting for it to start.  Or you’re my mother.  To whom I probably owe a phone call.  Either way, hope you’re having fun!

I love stories and organization. Both of these are most evident in the fact that I hold a master’s degree in Library Science, but I’m better known as a frequent performer, sometimes writer, and darn good secretary.

When not at a theatre, I can usually be found trying to find the perfect hair color,  pretending to exercise, and avoiding cilantro. The rest of the time I’m watching TV and/or eating, cooking, or researching (cilantro-free) recipes with my husband, Hampton, and our helpful four-legged tastetesters, George and Val.

Read on, and if you’d like more information, send me your story at

the author, in her natural state
or this, more realistically, bunned and bespectacled