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Once upon a time, I was So Super Excited when the Little Theatre of Winston-Salem announced NOISES OFF on their schedule.

In case you’re not aware, NOISES OFF is one of the most perfect shows ever written, a true ensemble comedy, and one of the most successful stage-to-film adaptations ever. Even better: at this point in my neither-20-nor-50 life, there are three roles I could be cast in – depending on who else showed up and how old I looked in comparison.

But then, as I rushed after work to tech week for A WRINKLE IN TIME, with one of The Most Lovely Casts ever and a magical staff and crew, to play multiple roles that showcase my non-singing (for once) range in a variety of amazing costumes (more on these later), all I could think was…. why? It was all I could do to not think about my couch and the corgimutts and how much I missed eating food not from my lunchbox and (what??) working out.

So…. so what if I didn’t audition for one of my dream shows? What if I take a break?

I had a great weekend visiting with my family from PA so my two eldest nephews could see me perform for the first time and Hampton could meet the littlest (and happiest). So…. so what if I get Home more often? What if Hampton and I get more time to head to Raleigh and see that set of nephews and the friends through whom we met? What if we have more random dinner parties for our non-theatre friends and for the theatre people on their way to rehearsals?

Nephew fun at Kaleideum North. RAWR.

Once upon another time I “retired” for a year and a half when I was bored. Is it time to do it again? Who am I if I’m not doing shows all the time?

Welp… I’m still Ann. The Ann who reads constantly. Who has learned to cook. And who has stopped hating running just enough to *gasp* miss it a little. I am so nervous going out into the lobby after shows, I don’t perform for the applause and the praise…. so what if it’s time to embrace that other side of me. Those sides – plural.

So, while it definitely hasn’t killed me, it’s time to take a bow. For now. You know, besides the Christmas shows with Phoenix and the cantata for my theatre/work husband’s church. Definitely not for forever.

And, as if I needed a sign, I was so excited to buy said theatre/work husband a birthday beer and then get home to cook dinner and snuggle the corgimutts that I even forgot tonight were the NOISES OFF auditions. And this is after taking Monday off, 36 whole hours of pjs and puppies while (finally) binging the second season of STRANGER THINGS and eating my real husband’s amazing cooking.

The only day of the year we ever take a non-cast-and-crew, non-work-related photo.

So, yeah. Time for more food, drink, books, and dogs. I can’t wait.

Pjs. Puppies. Pampton. ….something like that (;


  1. Ken Ashford

    This sounds like a good recipe and I’m slightly jealous of the cozy winter feel of warmth that envelopes you. Meaning, the PJs and Corgimutts — not Hampton so much. You won’t be missed because I’m sure I’ll see you places now and again, until you decide (if you decide?) you want to trod the boards again.

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