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Clean the Fridge+

Happy holidays! We went to see Hampton’s parents for Christmas and every trip to Raleigh these days requires a trip to Wegman’s for specialty items we rarely see in Winston-Salem. As much as we love this town and don’t want to move back to all that traffic and house prices. When we go to Wegman’s, […]


Recipe Roundup

Time keeps turning and Flat 493 keeps cooking. Let’s try to get back to a somewhat regular menu sharing, shall we? Nevermind that I tried to do this last week and WordPress crashed on me. Here we are. Hopefully. Cross your fingers. Highlights from the past two weeks: — Trader Joe’s has a new and […]


Food, Glorious Food

The end of rehearsals has meant a return to cooking. Like, the kind of cooking we enjoy, not just getting food on the table. I won’t bore you with alllllll the daily details (yet), but there have been a few standouts the past few weeks. — Orange-Chili Glazed Pork Tenderloin with Carrot Pesto and Grilled […]



We are a week and change away from life returning to normal… err, the most recent normal? So let’s play catch up. Food has still been a bit hit and miss due to rehearsals and gigs. Recent highlights: — the cheater’s Spanish tortilla: did this for a brunch party with the recommended prosciutto and piquillos […]



Sitzprobe is a rehearsal when the actors get to sing with the orchestra for the first time, instead of just a rehearsal pianist [though major props to all rehearsal accompanists!]. So I guess since today was sitz and tomorrow starts tech, it’s time I finally talk about Into the Woods! For those who don’t know, […]