Once upon a time, when I graduated from library school and headed south, I had a website just to post my résumé and hoped someone found me charming enough to hire me.

Fast-forward several years, and, through odd timing and dumb luck, I’ve ended up in a fantastic gig as the executive assistant to the executive director of a large non-profit.  It’s not my first time in such a job, but it’s definitely the best.  My days may not always be the most super exciting, but I’m using my writing and organizing skills on a daily basis to help my boss keep the place running, improving the lives of all our clients, and that is pretty groovy.

I don’t like to publicize my current employer so that none of my theatrical shenanigans reflect on them, but if you’re really super curious and/or have a secretarial position that works two hours a week from home in pajamas while snuggling corgimutts for one million dollars (approx.), send me a message.