Happy Little Clouds

I had a headache most of yesterday — a skip out of work early, don’t go to aerial yoga because your skull might explode in inversions, slug on the couch while Hampton cooks and serves, go to bed super early with double sleeping pills headache. Double sleeping pills that refused to kick in.

So when I was woken up by hardcore pouring, cats and dogs rain shortly before I was supposed to get up for a run, all I could think of was this helpful little cloud I have been saving.

I needed to post a picture next, probably the George, definitely not more reposted text — but life isn’t a perfectly curated insta feed. Sometimes it’s needing a break and a perfectly timed storm.


Occasionally I say semi-profound things on Instagram upon which I want to expand. Or just keep more easily accessible for posterity. This is that place – click on the “repost” tag for more. …But maybe not yet because I just had this idea….. (;

Featured photo by Liana Finck

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