Recipe. Created.

It’s always feast or famine with posts around this joint, and today, it’s feast.  And, yes, if you saw my Instastories the other week, I 100% saved onto to this post until appropriate for that joke.

Anyway, I always say I am not a recipe creator. I can clean the fridge like no one else, and, yes, my fatal flaw is that I think I can win CHOPPED, but I do not make things other people can copy. But this time… this one time… I had a feeling. And so I wrote a few measurements down. Stealing heavily from Salt and Lavender and Geoffrey Zakarian, here is a warm and cozy shenanigans as we head into cooler weather that anyone can put together.

  • 1/3c ‘nduja. This time, we got it from Wegman’s, but usually, it comes from the evil empire online. Shop at will.
  • 2t minced garlic.
  • 1/4c white wine. We use grüner veltliner bc it’s my fave.  You do you.
  • 2T tomato paste. We never (rarely) use tomatoes bc texture issues. Tomato paste is a game changer.
  • Few shakes of dried oregano.
  • 1/4c heavy cream — or more, to taste.

Cook the ‘nduja, an amazing spreadable salami, ’til the oils start to run. Add garlic ’til it slightly browns. Add wine and tomato paste and a dried oregano and cook down ’til your soul feels right. For the record, I 100% used to hate this type of recipe but, seriously, trust your gut. You know what you like. And if you don’t, and it messes up… you still have shrimp and pasta, so that’s a win, even with just EVOO and salt. Also, because I know all three of you who regularly read this shiz, I’ll help you over Facetime if you’re really worried.

Oh! Speaking of shrimp and pasta: cook those, on the side, as your sauce comes together. Or chicken breast. Chicken thighs. Mushrooms! This recipe is just a guide. We used cavatappi but penne, linguine… it’s pretty flexible here. There are rules for real pasta + sauce combos… this isn’t that blog. Clearly.

Anyway, after all that sauce melding time, add some cream, and stir heavily ’til it all comes together. Cream sauces are not my friend, generally, but if you cook the rest of it down properly, the cream will incorporate perfectly. I know, it sounds scary but Salt and Lavender’s recipe adds the cream first and cooks the shrimp in the sauce and Natasha knows what she’s talking about and it works every time we’ve riffed on her creation. Even if I like to cook the shrimp separately — in case I mess the sauce up.

Warming, cozy, add a side salad and pretend to be well balanced. My favorite kind of meal.

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