I do so love a George

I guess it’s extra official now that it’s Facebook-official. Very excited to sing in the inaugural production of NC Summer Rep through UNCG

Even after all this time, I HATE auditions. I mainly tried out for this program as practice, since the leads were precast with alums who are working professionally and I have no connection to the school or the directors. It’s amazing how much better you can perform when there’s no pressure!

(Un?)fortunately, I picked a great cut (the middle and end of “Someone Like You” from JEKYLL & HYDE) that resulted in callbacks for every open female role but the really young ones (shutit. And will someone in the Triad do J&H already, please?). Then callbacks happened… and I proved that a great audition piece does not necessarily mean one can sing ANYthing… Whoops? (:

I had a lot of fun – even while getting teased by the MDs for having All The Callbacks and the fact that they know my day job boss and asked if I was going to drop his name at every audition now. And yes. Clearly. Even though two of my four callbacks were against his wife… who played the role in the 2016 TA White Christmas that I played in the 2014 version.  I said there was a lot of dumb luck in getting my current day job! 

So, yeah. Sunday in the Park with George in June. Lots of fancy people. And me doing my best German accent. Have I mentioned how terrible I am at accents….? Here we go!

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