Cupid Aim, Cupid Pull, Cupid Shoot

Zanna, Don’t! pics from this winter are done!  They were taken before the ankle sprain. This move didn’t exactly happen the second weekend: 

Zanna was not a show I expected to do. Because teenagers. Silly me. Not that I’m complaining!!

If you don’t know the story, it’s set in a world where homosexuality is the norm, and when a boy and girl fall in love *gasp*. It’s super cute and cheesy with a great message – my favorite! It was even more poignant since we opened on the day of the Inauguration… and that’s all I’ll say about that. 

Despite having to perform the second weekend in a boot and the stress of Rock of Ages opening just two weeks later — I’d do it all again. We had people see the show multiple times, bringing new friends, older people who didn’t fit the stereotype of who you would think would enjoy this show. Our cast worked its collective little fanny off trying to get everything perfected, and, most importantly, had fun and worked together. And I got to belt my face off, which always makes me happy! 

For more snaps, click here. Thanks, as always, to Dancing Lemur Photography!

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