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Thick Thighs Save Lives

Over the winter, Hampton and I have discovered an appreciation for the humble bone in/skin on chicken thigh. Usually we sear and then braise with some sort of wine or cider and whatever veg we have around, but this weekend, as we wanted to use our new grill for the first time and we were […]


Normal, Not Boring

I haven’t meant to go radio silent. #flat493 is gearing up for an unexpected life change — not a baby — so I will admit I have been a smidge preoccupied. The last few weeks have had lots of cooking and trying to keep up with all our stories on the teevee while snuggling the […]


Summer Days, Drinkin’ Away….

I used to be an Irish drink only gal – Guinness and Jameson, with the occasional Bailey’s. I have since learned – largely since meeting my husband – that there are So Many More other good things to drink! Here my go-to’s for the summer of 2018. Largely inspired by Hampton and his job WHO […]