Ann Davis-Rowe

Literary jill-of-all-trades. Secretary. Performer. Wannabe librarian. Lover of food. And dogs.

National Dog Day 2017

The alarm goes off earlier than on a weekday, but I’ve been awake for bit, paranoid about oversleeping. The light filtering through the blinds is cloudy and dim; Louisa is happily spooned, extra content because Hampton changed the sheets yesterday and the duvet is extra fluffy. But…. it’s time to get up. A topknot and swipe […]


Behind the Nun-scenes: I

Two weeks of Nunsense at The Barn Dinner Theatre have come and gone in a whirlwind, so I thought I’d share some of the most memorable bits thus far. In a Most Extreme version of “the show must go on”, our Reverend Mother had a fall after opening night and has done the past few shows […]


Weekend o’ Joy

If you saw my post-rehearsal Instagram gif on Friday night, you know I had big plans for doing very little this weekend.  Preferably while not wearing pants.  The weekend before was spent around lots of people I didn’t know seeing a band I didn’t know (#goodwifeaward) and this week was a rush of Nunsense choreo, so I […]


Other People’s Shows

One of the nice things about being in between rehearsal periods is getting to see other shows! In the past few days, I saw three productions that could not be more different. Last Wednesday I attended the tale of NC Summer Rep‘s Sweeney Todd. It was much larger than our Sunday in the Park with George in […]