Captain’s Log: 4 July 2020

Welp, we made it to July.

What a year, huh? I spent this spring not only *not* in isolation but working on-site six days a week. And just as life was on its way to normal, “normal” became a thing of the past. A past where America was only great if you were a white, straight, cis man.

I am here for the revolution – and the revelations that that are spurring it on.

The status quo isn’t working. Protests and calls and emails and pressure on public figures are… getting there. Slowly. There are now investigations into last year’s death of Elijah McClain, and while it is appalling that Breonna Taylor’s murderers are still free after using a no-knock warrant at the wrong apartment while their actual suspect was already in custody, the anger in the system is not fading.

  • I am glad to see so many people still calling for justice, not just for Breonna, but for all the other unnecessary and senseless deaths. For those who have been systematically held down by redlining and other perfectly legal discriminations. For schools that have officers on site but no counselors and towns with tanks but no social safety nets.
  • Now, I don’t claim to have all the answers. And we have a long way to go ’til this is the land of the free. But I am still encouraged by all the new voices in the fight, by the increased demand on the system — and on me. How am I making a difference in a quantifiable way?
  • I don’t want to center myself in this discussion so rather than point to my additional donations and purchases from Black-owned businesses and number of calls and emails, I’ll point you to my Linktree, where I am trying to amplify melanated voices and productive actions —

    We have much work to be done. But for now, I sit with a glass of wine, covered in puppies, a belly full of burger, ready to watch Hamilton on Disney+. To complete my day, I’ll finish the debut novel of a young, Black, gay man…. and *not* write yet another whypipo hot take on the flaws of Hamilton.

    Will this change the world? No. But every little bit helps, even just watching and reading and listening outside your normal bubble, and the more everyone helps, the closer we get to not just loving our neighbors, but understanding them and then, maybe even liking them.

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