Ann Davis-Rowe

Literary jill-of-all-trades. Secretary. Performer. Wannabe librarian. Lover of food. And dogs.

May the Doggo Be with You

I am kindof a language snob.  Despite my occasional lack of proper writing form (as evidenced all over this *ahem* casual site), I have had a hard time fully accepting goofy internet trends that feature bad grammar and spelling like I Can Haz Cheezburger. However… I may be softening. And just like it took me a really long time […]


I do so love a George

I guess it’s extra official now that it’s Facebook-official. Very excited to sing in the inaugural production of NC Summer Rep through UNCG!  Even after all this time, I HATE auditions. I mainly tried out for this program as practice, since the leads were precast with alums who are working professionally and I have no connection […]