Not gonna lie, I got a little burnt out on books last year. Between free books to review and imposter syndrome rearing its ugly head when writing said reviews and trying to keep up with bookclub, my TBR became a sad and lonely, barely touched list on my phone.

So this year, my year of Celebrate, I’m only reading what I want to. On my time frame.

And so far, I am 16 books in.

There’s been a novella by one of my editors, a book of short stories by a thriller-with-woman-in-the-title author I enjoyed last year, an Ann Patchett I somehow hadn’t read yet, a contemporary gothic supernatural romance, a 1960s sci-fi tale, an international conspiracy mystery by an NPR anchor, an unreliable narrator with early-onset dementia and a habit of finding dead bodies, the third of a noir-esque mystery series, a charming YA romance that I loved… until the ending, a thriller-with-woman-in-the-title that will soon be a movie, a charming historical romance about wine and witches, and several other thrillers that basically had woman in the title in spirit.

16 books down. Three in active reading state. And I may not write about about any of them.

J/K, there’s at least one I can’t wait to get my hands on and then talk about.

’til then….. keep reading.

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