Moving On

For the past few years, I’ve picked a word-of-the-year. 2020’s was “celebrate”.  #hindsight2020

I’ve decided that 2021’s is to be “good”. As in “don’t let perfect be the enemy of”. As such, here are some things worth celebrating, to wrap up the year of celebrations that weren’t:

— I read 107 books in 2020.

— Baby Yoda

— I quit a PT job that was no longer any fun and was immediately offered a freelance writing job that has more work than I can handle and can be done on the couch covered in puppies.

— The new Wonder Woman movie don’t @ me.

— I still have a dayjob. Not only that, it’s more secure than ever. If you think the COVID vaccine rollout is a mess from the outside…. I gave up my New Year’s Day off and much of the weekend for data entry.

— Most of our plants are still alive.

— I ran 13 miles yesterday and am surprisingly not sore today. Disney Princess Half Marathon here I come!

— Our puppies are still alive after a stressful few months of health issues. The most drastic was ironically the easiest, even if it resulted in our little one losing her tail, but George’s skin issues continue. #stillcheaperthankids

— We joined the word of Instant Potters and are wondering what took us so long. (Waiting on the perfect sale, that’s what took us so long.)

— The social gatherings we have had have been safe.

— Hampton started buying my favorite wine by the case.

— Over seven million more people voted to get rid of the sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot.

SO… here we go, 2021.

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