Nurse’s Orders

I’m participating in another August Break from Susannah Conway on Instagram. I’ve really come to appreciate these times of focus every few months. Saturday’s prompt was “glass”, which tied in perfectly with this silly story from Saturday… which I’m only now sharing here on Monday. You don’t follow me for timeliness.


On my way out of work last night, I walked partway with a colleague in the middle of her shift laughing about me leaving straight at 5 p.m. when we walked in together at 9 (ok, 9:10) a.m.

I joked that i didn’t even have the workout mat she saw me with earlier bc I was going straight back to Winston and skipping the fitness center bc I slipped going down the very steps we were now walking up and i should probably take it easy. You know, for safety. Not at all for week-end lazy.

She said it was her medical opinion that, yes, to be safe, I should put my feet up and have some wine. I asked if beer was ok because we had been planning takeout Reubens from West End Cafe all week. She said that would be an acceptable medication substitution.

So: here we are. Drinking local (thanks to a stop at City Beverage first to place our order), eating local, and watching two of Hampton’s college buddies on the (little) big screen. Nurse’s orders.


Now, because I skipped Friday night’s workout, I might have done a little too much over the weekend. Which worked out, because Saturday this gift of Rapid Relief CBD Cream arrived from Hempified. So, sadly, I felt refreshed enough to get on with this morning’s early session.

Woman lying on her stomach on a yoga mat. Her light hair is pulled up and messy. Product balanced on a light blue 10 lb. weight. A smaller bright green weight is in the foreground.

Happy Monday, y’all. Have a killer week. 

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