Yesterday’s trail running was fueled by rage.

Besides the DA claiming Andrew Brown, Jr. was both fleeing *and* a threat to the cops who were serving a warrant — and apparently warrants equal a license to kill these days; the Dems capitulating once again only for McConnell, McCarthy, and the rest of the McJerks to Lucy the insurrection commission football; and allllllllllll the hateful voting restriction and healthcare bills being pushed through gerrymandered state houses — my husband and I are cancelling our much anticipated, first-time-out-of-the-state-in-a-year-and-a-half trip to Chattanooga scheduled for next month because the Tennessee legislature and Gov. Bill Lee can go…. do things I can’t type on Al Gore’s Internet.

Lee just signed into law one of the most hateful anti-trans bills into law, “requiring businesses and public buildings to ‘warn’ [emphasis mine] cisgender customers that they serve transgender people like any other customers.” AKA allowing businesses to say they don’t. “It is the second bill restricting transgender public accommodations signed into law recently by the governor and the fourth specifically targeting transgender people”, continues LGBTQ Nation. You can read more and get a link to the bill here.

You don’t want their money? You don’t get ours. No one knows how a hit to tourism kills bills like this than North Carolinians.

We keep fighting. Uphill. But we fight. ‘Til everyone is equal. The Bible says “love your neighbor” not “don’t let them use the bathroom.”

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