RIP, First to Read

Sadly, today marks the end of Penguin Random House’s advance galley review service, First to Read. Now I need all five of you reading this to share and comment so I can be cool enough for NetGalley (;

One of my favorite parts of this program was reading things I probably wouldn’t have gotten to on my own. The last three I received from First to Read were no exception.

Body in Question, by Jill Ciment

Two jurors on a scandalous murder case find another scandal during their sequestration.

So many bodies, so many questions…. I was expecting more courtroom drama, but enjoyed getting into the body of “C-2”, exploring her brain and her heart, and the choices we make when life doesn’t go as planned.

I think it would have been interesting to hear more from juror F-17’s POV… but, then again, we have enough stories about cis white men, right?

The Second-Worst Restaurant in France, by Alexander McCall Smith

This is the second of a series about food writer Paul Stuart. Like most cozy mysteries – and this isn’t quite a mystery, per se – it’s quite ok if you’ve not read the first. I didn’t and still enjoyed this little tale of Paul and his Remarkable Cousin Chloe and the small French town they accidentally take over.

This second-worst restaurant did mange to whet my appetite for more of Paul’s culinary adventures.

…..too cheesy? (;

The third book….. ok, yeah, I didn’t actually get to my last assignment between ANNIE rehearsals and starting to advance read works from a few new series – but it’s hard to feel guilty about that when the program folded. More on the show and the new author connection soon!

….as soon as I properly recover from the one-weekend-show family visit craziness…

Keep reading! I certainly will… from a horizontal position on the couch.

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