She Was a Good Girl

Pack 493 is down four paws. It’s been 39 hours since we got the worst news of our lives, and I’m still vacillating between numbing shock and utter devastation. I’ll write more eventually, but, for now, here is my original eulogy to share with her many Facebook fans.

She was a good girl. A good girl and a weirdo who whined a lot and never wanted to go to sleep – but when she did, she would take up half the bed. She needed her own half of the couch, too. Flat 493 already feels much emptier. She was the softest puppy ever, even though we didn’t know her as a puppy. She was obsessed with a blue tee shirt and loved to nibble and gnaw. She also loved to run, but her heart couldn’t keep up with some post-op complications. We still can’t quite comprehend that she won’t be coming home or waking us up on her special Ouisa time.

She was a good girl.

Louisa Davis-Rowe

May? 2012 – February 3, 2018

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