Before I came to my present day job, I was in an environment so not right for me, it drove me to therapy.

While I am in a much better place now, physically and mentally, I am still trying to be conscious – or should I say “mindful” – of mindfulness; good mental health is in everyone’s best interest.

Somewhere along the way, I found Susannah Conway. Her writing helps me to remember to be more present, so I decided to participate in her August Break – less a photo challenge and more a reminder to be in the moment, especially when I knew my month was going to be a challenge, chock-full with rehearsals, performances, family visits, and extra work work.

The last prompt for this activity was “August was…”

For me, August was a time to solidify my priorities. I’m more sure than ever that taking a break from the stage is what I need to do, and I find more joy than ever in taking care of my body through exercise, cooking, and reading.

And then there’s Hampton.

And the puppies.

Life is good, y’all, and I need to appreciate it. Every minute.

Below is my August collage. It brings me much happiness. May we all continue to live in the moment as much as possible and stave off the busy-ness around us.

If you’re super curious about any of these pics, head on over to my Instagram


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