Birth Days and Birthdays

Last weekend we took a minibreak to DC for a surprise baby shower and Hampton’s birthday. It started off with a bang. Literally. I was washing my hair Friday morning and heard a massive crash of glass. The globe from the ceiling fan on our upstairs landing had fallen and smashed EVERYwhere. Luckily, I didn’t […]


Summer Days, Drinkin’ Away….

I used to be an Irish drink only gal – Guinness and Jameson, with the occasional Bailey’s. I have since learned – largely since meeting my husband – that there are So Many More other good things to drink! Here my go-to’s for the summer of 2018. Largely inspired by Hampton and his job WHO […]


Weekend o’ Joy

If you saw my post-rehearsal Instagram gif on Friday night, you know I had big plans for doing very little this weekend.  Preferably while not wearing pants.  The weekend before was spent around lots of people I didn’t know seeing a band I didn’t know (#goodwifeaward) and this week was a rush of Nunsense choreo, so I […]