2019: True

My word for 2019 was “true”. After 2018’s “practice“, true meant focusing on the things I like the most.

Great, right! What could possibly go wrong??

Turns out that reading ARCs and cooking amazing food all the time makes it…. normal.

And while it’s exciting to have these things be normal, it also makes it easy to take them for granted. To forget why you love them. To quit appreciating them.

So for 2020: we celebrate.

We make a big deal out of cooking through an issue of Food & Wine.

We rejoice in having five (for now) unauditioned-for paid shows in the first half of the year.

We use portrait mode on the snuggliest puppies ever every dang day.

And maybe we stop using the royal we.

Ok, let’s not go crazy.

But one last look at 2019, via 1 Second Everyday.  See you in the ’20s.

(I have no idea why they chose a cover photo from the summer… but I’m not mad about it. #onbrand)


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