Murder at Eleven

UPDATE: This show has been cancelled. Leaving this post up in case you tried to get tickets because of it and are now very confused.

And because it contains a good story (;

Don’t worry – we’ll be back soon!

*Scene, almost five years ago*

Jessica: We need another woman for our murder mystery. Someone who can play a hussy.

Hampton: My wife can do that!

*End Scene*

And that, dear reader, is how I did my first show with The Phoenix Theatre CompanyMurder at 11 - take one

Weathergirl Heather Harper may be a far cry from my O. Henry ingenues, but, yes, “hussy” is definitely on the ol’ theatrical résumé a time or two.

We are headed back to the Pittsboro Roadhouse and Dednam’s hometown news station, WDED, on Thursday, September 26.

Tickets info and other details can be found hereGreg and his staff always take great care of their guests, and you’ll have much fun figuring out whodunit. 

See you on the air!

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