Despite being December 30, this is not a New Year’s Resolution post.

I decided this fall that I needed a theatre break. Even though I was doing the most delightful show, all I wanted to do cook and clean and exercise and snuggle the corgimutts.

….and if you had told any version of Ann pre-2012 these things, she’d’ve laughed in your face.

But it’s been wonderful. I’ve started a workout program from a fellow Skimm’bassador that happens a few mornings a week with a quick yoga warmup before. The other days are either for rest or longer yoga-ing or running. I finally got into Welcome to Night Vale while driving rescue dog transports, and Cecil’s dulcet tones make the treadmill suck less! [But still, running outside weather, come back any time.]

There has been bit of a relapse what with an already-committed-to Christmas cantata for a friend’s church and the annual Phoenix Theatre Co. A Christmas Carol dinner show shenanigans, and this week has been alllllllll the rich food and unfolded laundry. My goodness, the laundry. There’s only two of us, I don’t understand why there are so many half-full laundry baskets around….

Anyway, this slide back into busyness has only made me appreciate taking a break more. I’m so ready, to, yes, get back into a routine next week — but given that it started in November, it’s not a resolution (;

Recent healthy-yet-not-boring-and-carnivorous-husband-approved recipes – all credit to their authors!:

brussels sprout + avocado winter rolls with grapefruit hoisin dipping sauce

roasted shrimp quinoa spring rolls

chickpea piccata with Parmesan cauliflower mash

sesame shrimp with smashed cucumber salad

stuffed zucchini with freekah pilaf and currants

lemon-herb white bean and kale salad

And for that beautiful Thanksgiving stock, creamy chicken and wild rice soup (sub turkey).

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