An Actor Prepares

The past few weeks have been filled with learning Sunday in the Park with George, assorted redding up (there’s that PA lexicon), fun with friends, and non-photogenic food experiments. I think I’m ready for tonight’s first rehearsal… if  I can stop sneezing. Hey, there, springtime allergies…. #grrr.

I ❤ tabs.
First cookout of the season, courtesy of Hampton.
So. Much. Plasticware.
A two-hour commute home from my job and busted freezers at Hampton’s job = fancying up Joyful Healthy Eats’ Drunken Wild Mushroom Pasta with some leftover filet, scallops, and roasted romaine.
Accent lessons from the BFA. (Clearly this part of the room wasn’t cleaned.)
Every taco is a breakfast taco if it believes in itself.
Finally working on getting the OBC cast album to my phone.  Three hours later… #alltheupdates
Accent work with a true artist. Valid, ja?
Baby Chef’s first crab cakes! With zucchini and IPA in the filling and more IPA and sriracha in the hollandaise. Inspired by Country Cleaver.
When I finally sat down during cleaning. PET ME.
When you combine a pasta salad and some fancy pasta to create a whole new baked pasta… #frankenpasta
Terrible plating, amazing flavor. Lamb and feta meatballs and dilled carrots with a lime yogurt sauce from Real Simple.


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