“The Day Off”

It’s Equity Day Off at Sunday in the Park with George rehearsals — and for the rest of us, too! Of course, my “day off” meant working extra hours at the day job to make up some of the time I’ll miss while at rehearsal the rest of the week…

Friday night, however, was a proper — and surprise — Night Off. Hampton was to do a murder mystery, but it got canceled, and I was not called for the first night of blocking rehearsals. I got straight into jammies, we ordered pizza, finished this season of the Blacklist (long live James Spader), and binged almost all of the new season of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. 

I had rehearsal later in the afternoon on Saturday, so we finished Kimmy that morning with a plate of Tuscan breakfast. Easily one of our favorite memories from our Italian honeymoon, the exact “recipe” changes based on what melons are ripe in the store and olives are in our fridge. The combination of creamy cheese, salty meat, sweet fruit, and balsamic glaze is one of my ultimate favorites. I’ve been asking Hampton for weeks when there would be melon, and it was well worth the wait.

Flat 493 may not be La Grande Jatte, but onesie pjs are much more comfortable than a bustle.


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