A Phoenix rises from the ashes… of last week’s fireworks…?

When last we left the Phoenix Theatre Company, Jessica and Phillip (aka #jessip) were just married and fireworks sent them off to their honeymoon…

…which was cut a bit short because Rock of Ages Winery hired us to bring Johnny O’Reilly’s speakeasy to the vineyard.

Dying for a Drink is definitely one of my favorite Phoenix shows. I never really had a thing for guys with accents, but….

​We had a great, involved audience, and the proprietors were super helpful.  Looking forward to a return!

no ticket discounts, though
JUST like our Italian honeymoon
remember last week when no one could open a bottle with the “Wolverteen” claws?
It’s not a Phoenix show without a questionable selfie.
Our first time repeating a show, but swapping out an actress. We missed Ali , but Suzanne did a fantastic job jumping in and flapping it up!
One of my all-time favorite (wrong) guesses 😂

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