A Thousand Words

We love our apartment… even if there are a few things we wish were different.  Like the kitchen lighting.  It’s not exactly conducive to gorgeous food photography.  Especially the less than professional/taken on an iPhone kind.  Often, I’ll take a photo from further away and crop it down to avoid the inevitable shadows, or, like last night, I knew I’d end up cutting part of it out somehow to make a Pretty Little Liars night collage, so better to have more than less. (Are you part of the #PLLsquad?  Do we need to discuss?  We should discuss.)

However, looking back through my photos this morning, I realized just how delightful I find this picture.  It’s me, cooking, in a single, accidentally composed frame:

  • I cook a LOT of scrambled eggs, and here they are with leftover pastrami smoked salmon from Easter and a hit of lemon (this article changed my life);
  • roasted veggies with a crunch are also standard (this caper/pinenut gremolata was inspired by Gourmande in the Kitchen);
  • my much adored vintage glass butter dish and goblet — and an empty can o’ wine (Trader Joe’s has canned rosé that doesn’t suck and is only $4 a 4-pack!) that didn’t make it to the recycling before I switched to the open bottle of Grüner Veltliner in the fridge (and there’s pretty much always an open bottle of Grüner Veltliner in the fridge — and, lets face it, something that should have already been tossed in the recycling still sitting around);
  • butter and goat cheese all asunder, the EVOO almost out of sight, but always present….

Cheese, fat, salt, crunch — and wine — combining for a quick and easy homecooked meal before a night of questionable television, and I’m a very happy girl.

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