Easter 2017

So far, this page is sadly lacking in the promised food and dog posts. I thought Easter would provide a good chance to highlight both… but neither subject cooperated for documentation. #reallife. Terrible photos or not, Easter 2017 was definitely pretty much a textbook Day in the Life of Flat 493: food, drink, couch, corgimutts, gorgeous walk, fighting with the cable company.  Cheers!

Pomegrante mimosas and several episodes of RIVERDALE. Like grownups.
Bagels with Trader Joe’s pastrami smoked salmon are pretty much one of my favorite things ever. But not particularly pretty.
We took a nice walk down to Old Salem. It was warm. Instead of drinking, the corgimutts wanted to lounge in the pump water. Did I mention they just got baths the night before…?
Attempting to take a photo of wet doggies by the sculpture doggies. Clearly, this went well.
Our first traditional Easter dinner! Spiral ham courtesy of Trader Joe’s; Martha Stewart’s potato dauphinoise recipe (thanks Hannah!) with a leftover-bagel-turned-breadcrumb topping; and roasted asparagus with feta and lemon. Worse than usual food photography because I was on the phone with the cable company who refused to take our money to rent a movie because they said we owe them money. Due to the corporate changes, they said we owe two months’ worth. One bill was paid Thursday, but they didn’t process it because of the holidays, and the other bill hasn’t come yet. Customer service faillllllllllllll.
call #3 and customer service rep #47 (approx.) with Spectrum/Time Warner Cable/the devil

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