Summer Days, Drinkin’ Away….

I used to be an Irish drink only gal – Guinness and Jameson, with the occasional Bailey’s. I have since learned – largely since meeting my husband – that there are So Many More other good things to drink!

Here my go-to’s for the summer of 2018. Largely inspired by Hampton and his job WHO I AM IN NO WAY REPRESENTING.

• Tijuana Mexican Lager

glass shoutout to Small Batch in downtown Winston-Salem

Tijuana is a new canned beer offering at the Trader Joe. While they have had Trader José bottled beer for awhile, this is a different take on that light Mexican classic, Corona.

It’s recommended on the packaging that you serve Tijuana with lime. While it’s perfectly palatable on its own, the lime does take it to another level.

But, pro tip: rim a cold pint glass with lime and then coat it in the TJ’s Chili-Lime Seasoning Blend. Mmm mm mmmm! This extra 30 seconds takes a so-so light beer to a summery classic!

We felt real proud of ourselves here at Flat 493 – until I saw this article. Now we’re proud and a little smug. Great minds and all that (:

• Lemon Elderflower Soda. And…..

Picture from Become Betty because I was about to schedule this post then realized I hadn’t taken a pic and we were out and Hampton is off today…

One of the first flavors that pulled me away from dark and bitter was elderflower. St. Germain brings a lovely floral quality to cocktails without being overly sweet. The pool at our apartment complex is one of many such places where alcohol is allowed but glass is not. An easy solution: delicious soda – and a shot.

I haven’t found a hard seltzer I like as much as pouring vodka into flavored sparkling water. This tart and herbal soda lends itself even better to pairing with sharp sting of liquor. Vodka disappears a bit more, but the herbal and piney quality of gin is super delightful here.

Epicurious has further, fancier, studies on the soda can cocktail here.

• Rosé cider

Things I hate to admit I love: anything pink. (Except my new hair.)

Thing I can’t believe I love: rosé cider.

Thanks, ABC!

It was on our recent trip to Asheville that I finally gave into the temptation. And I’m so glad I did.

I like a cider on occasion to break up a night of dark and bitter beer, and I’m now at the point in my life where I can accept drinking something pink. Because it’s tasty. And adorable.

If any drink deserves this filter, it’s rosé cider.

I wanted to make this post awhile back featuring a semi-local brew – though I will admit to preferring it on draft to the slightly sweeter bottles. Not that that has stopped me from filling the Flat 493 fridge with them this summer.

But I waited because – Trader Joe’s finally publicly announced that they’re getting their own! Our store doesn’t get it until next week. Harrumph! But it will make for a lovely – if highly anti-Morticia – nightcap after my second Friday night of The Addams Family at the Barn Dinner Theatre.

And yes – that means we open tomorrow! Get your tickets here.

Those are my top three picks for the season. Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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