PSA: Dehydranger

Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday. I had a voice lesson right after my church gig and got home just as Hampton did from work.

We Netflixed and chilled with a late Tuscan lunch and then a clean-the-fridge panzanella with broiled sole. So adult. All that had to happen was my husband walking the dogs while I put away leftovers and we could settle in for the Westworld season finale.

And then it happened.

Hampton left a perfectly functional, if slightly, tired wife…. and came back to a poltergeist on the kitchen floor tearing apart the plasticware cabinet looking for dang little lids.

via Giphy

I begged off the rest of the tv and sent myself to bed – for everyone’s benefit.

And I knew darn well what had happened.

via Giphy

I drink a fair amount of water. I may not be a pageant girl carrying around a gallon container, but I always have my Nalgene and aim for the suggested “half your weight in ounces” daily as a minimum, plus as much more as I can. I usually hit around four liters, more during rehearsals.

During the workweek, this is easy. If I do a morning workout, I can get a liter in before I even reach the office.

On the weekends, however… weekends filled with lazy couch days… and a plethora of fun beers and bubbles. Weekends can be a problem.

I’ve learned how to prevent getting hangry – for the most part. I carry purse almonds and aim for a protein-filled breakfast and smart snacks.

But the more water I drink on a regular basis, the more water I need just for a baseline. Or, I finally must admit, just like hanger, I get cranky and tired and…

via Giphy

So: dehydranger. Hard G. I’m making it a word. If any water or water bottle/box brands out there want to use this for a marketing campaign, have your people call my people.

And, hey, drink your water. Its good for you: your skin will love it, your internal organs… and, besides, you don’t want to get dehydrangry.


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