May the Doggo Be with You

I am kindof a language snob.  Despite my occasional lack of proper writing form (as evidenced all over this *ahem* casual site), I have had a hard time fully accepting goofy internet trends that feature bad grammar and spelling like I Can Haz Cheezburger. However… I may be softening. And just like it took me a really long time to like dogs, dogs may be finally be my linguistic downfall.

NPR’s All Tech Considered had a great story recently about how using cutesy words to describe dogs and all their goofy wonderfulness in memes is actually becoming a thing and spreading rapidly. You can read the whole thing in its entirety here. I especially enjoyed their focus on the general joy and merriment and how people are just so happy to share pictures of silly doggos.

Yes, at Flat 493, we definitely talk to the corgimutts. And most of our conversations are about them. And often not in the most grammatical of ways. I mean… look at them:

aka: look at thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmm

Besides the fact that NPR covered DoggoLingo, the very next day, I found out I was officially cast as Sister Robert Anne in Nunsense at the Barn Dinner Theatre — and before I could make it facebook-official, a friend shared the following:

“Fr. Floof” shared by Mark K. to Bork Bork I Am Doggo’s facebook page

After all of that coincidence, how can I deny it any longer??! So, yes, DoggoLingo may be creeping into my speech. You’ve been warned. Now, go find a pupper to pet. I’m looking forward to getting home to smush me some corgos.

Update: Vinnie V. shared even more appropriate Nunsensey pupperness to the Bork Bork I Am Doggo page!! 

…I sense a summer theme…. (;

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