Do *Some*thing

I’ve never believed in the whole runner’s high thing, but I was so emotional after my first outside run in eons (come on, autumn, you can do it), that I was *sobbing* in my car listening to an interview with the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods talking about their decision to cease most gun sales.

I know we can’t all afford to lose a quarter of a billion (yes, with a B) dollars.

And I know it gets old calling and Resistbotting those who supposedly represent us in DC (but who share zero of the same morals).

But this week, find what you *can* do. Make a call, a small donation, heck, finally buy a gun safe or a lock box for your ammo if you haven’t because you thought your kids knew better than to play with them.

But also: check on your LGBTQ+ family this week. No matter what happens at the Supreme Court, there is going to be some harsh rhetoric and bad juju in the air. And that’s a lot for anyone to breathe in constantly.

Take care, y’all.

PS – If you think you don’t have any LGBTQ+ friends and your reading of the Bible allows you to spew that harsh rhetoric and bad juju toward others who love and live differently than you, nevermind that whole separation of church and state thing, we’re not even reading the same dang book.

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Also, apparently my deepest political thoughts come after running. I do 12+-minute miles. Imagine if I actually trained…