The Good Fight

I was not feeling a run tonight. I was exhausted mentally from the state of the world and physically from not eating enough because I was out of desk almonds. But I grabbed a pack of peanut butter crackers from the vending machine, laced up, and hit the trail.

And ended up running 1.25 of the 2 big hills I usually use as an excuse to walk.

And then cooked a super amazing dinner with my mouthy liberal husband (hey, there, massive Whole Foods steak sale) and am now cuddled up with him and the puppies and the tv.

All that to say: stay angry, friends. But take care of yourselves, too. This is a war, not a battle.

I shared this on Facebook last night and it resonated with so many folks, I thought I’d share it here, too.

In addition, more eloquent words on anger from one of my favorite writers.

“Yes, I’m Angry, Friend. I Wish You Were.” by John Pavlovitz

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