Go Big & Go Home

As mentioned before, I don’t usually celebrate my birthday, and my friend Jenny has good ideas and a way with a camera. Besides excellent peer pressuring skills.

What started as a joke turned into… something else altogether. If you only celebrate your birthday once a decade, make it count, yeah?


So, now that things have calmed down a bit from ANNIE, a few details:

 • my regular stylist, Stacey from Pink Rhino Beauty Parlor, fit me in at the last minute early in the day for some extra-curled curls that I shook out for the shoot.

• Thao Nguyen, an amazing baritone, also has some killer skills with a makeup brush and did those honors – as well as helping with staging and glitter.

 • The tutu was the only one in my size and close to AnnDavisTeal that was Prime-able.

 • The crown was from Claire’s. Best $7 ever spent.

 • I had the MOST difficult time finding a plain white fitted tank that would cover bra straps. I eventually gave up and wore a bra that could show. Both final choices came from Wal-Mart. In multiple sizes because I was indecisive and it was less than $10 a set and I will 100% use all the pieces bought at one time or another. ($3 tank here… couldn’t find the exact bra in a quick search, but I think you can use your own shopping judgement)

 • My pink bubbles of choice are Sofia. [not sponsored. But that would be the best.]

 • The cake was from Harris Teeter. I literally went to the store and just chose… something. In the end, I love how the colors worked!

 • The sign was printed at Walgreens in the largest size that would fit in a cheap Michael’s frame – both bought with a coupons! – and designed by Jenny. What can’t she do?

 • Everything else was randomly pulled from our spare room/library/costume shop. Or the dining room/bar.

• Except the best props: those puppies. Both George the corgimutt and Val the possible chiweenie are rescues; George found us through Petfinder, and Val came via the transports for which I sometimes drive.

And now: on to the show, and remember to support your favorite local creatives!




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