I’m still processing what it was like to play one of my dream roles. And not just any dream role, the one I was most terrified to actually do and the one I have wanted the longest.

See, I realized early on that my parents would never let me be a child star. So, despite being a little girl named Ann in the early ’80s, I have always wanted to be Miss Hannigan.

And while I’ve gotten to play other iconic roles like Miss Adelaide and Morticia, I felt much more pressure with Miss Hannigan. Besides my own deep (and multiple) connections to this show and movie, so many other people have similar connections. It’s one thing to do a character voice and put on an extreme wig — another to play a part made most famous by one of the biggest icons in comedy.

I’ve tried to expand on this for two weeks now, and the only semi-eloquent thought I can put into words is:

I’m no Carol — but you don’t have to be. Do what you can with what you have as hard as you can, and audiences will appreciate the effort. And, even better, go with you.

Art is weird, y’all. Keep making it.


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All photos courtesy of Sam McClenaghan.





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