I recently had the chance to check out Coast Protein‘s Cricket Energy Bars.

Yes, crickets.

Let me start by borrowing some stats from The Manual:

They’re not only a powerhouse of vitamins and protein, they are far easier on the environment compared to traditional livestock. Per pound of edible food compared to cows, crickets:

  • use 2000-times less water
  • use 12-times less feed.
  • make 80-times less methane.

As the population of our planet continues to increase, we’re going to have to look at other food sources. Much of the rest of the world uses insect protein, so it’s about time the West takes it more seriously!

Coast was founded in 2015 with one mission: “to make eating insects normal.” When the young creators launched their Kickstarter, they were fully funded in less than 72 hours. How inspiring to see alternate protein sources embraced in that way!

I had the peanut butter bar yesterday for breakfast and the cranberry today. Both kept me full ’til lunch – as they should with 260 and 270 calories and 12 and 10 grams of protein, respectively.

These bars taste a bit… healthier… than other similar non-insect-based protein bars. They do have similar amounts of sugar to these other bars, but much more fat. They also have much more iron and B12, which could be a worthwhile tradeoff, based on your health goals.

yes, crickets

Anyone who’s ever eaten a regular fried cricket says that wings and legs can tend to lodge themselves in your teeth. Using cricket powder helps avoid that reminder that, yes, you are eating insects.

Coast is not the only player in the cricket protein game, proving that more and more folks are looking to ways to help our planet and their own health.

I love the idea of using a more sustainable protein source, and these bars are a great intro to the world of crickets. I plan to use them more and order some protein powder for smoothies ASAP!

Curious George
Everyone’s interested in cricket protein!

I received the Coast Protein Cricket Energy Bars from Shop and Shout in exchange for promotion. All opinions are my own.


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