The Definition of Insanity

Because I’ve written about it here multiple times, I feel obliged to tell the fives of you reading this why I will no longer support theSkimm.

When I got enough friends to sign up for this daily enewletter, I was so excited to join the Skimm’bassador Facebook group, to connect with other likeminded folk who care equally about serious current events and silly pop culture.

But time after time I have seen (white) people cry bully as soon as someone questioned their opinions or posted facts to shed light on their erroneous beliefs.

I have seen these white people tone police people of color and tell them their experiences don’t matter, then play the victim when others stand up for themselves.

I have seen these people get offended when suggested they have privilege, equate “Becky” to the N-word, and make snarky passive aggressive comments only to yell about their hurt feelings when called out.

And I have seen SkimmHQ sit back and do nothing.

In the name of equality, of free speech, they say to block those who offend you, to not engage.

Living in a bubble helps no one.

Heck, that’s why I liked theSkimm in the first place, despite being too old – and too poor – for its target demographic. It guaranteed I saw news from a variety of sources.

I thought if I stayed in the group, I could be a good ally and help amplify the voices of the minorities. I thought it was the ultimate in white privilege to leave the group.

But then it happened again.

A new rule apparently thinly disguised to discourage one of the most passionate social justice warriors with whom I have ever had the honor of sharing digital space.

Snarky gloating from the Beckzillas who then, shocking no one, accused her of attacking them, and another message from on high saying just to block those you don’t agree with.

And it happened right before I was to host a local event for the company. A celebration of National Voter Registration Day in an attempt to combat the notoriously low midterm election voter turnout.

But I couldn’t do it.

I couldn’t help theSkimm place another feather in their (way-out-of-my-price-range made-by-a-small-woman-owned-business all-proceeds-going-to-equal-rights-orgs) cap, claiming to be great non-partisan, civically-involved members of society, while the society they created appears to only look out for the white, upper middle class folks and how dare anyone point that out. #allfeelingsmatter

Different opinions are great! Civil discourse is wonderful! I will admit to a very calm Q&A with a pro-life Skimmdude a while back.

But to hold a double standard of civility and claim it’s equality? To ask POC how you can make things better and then do none of their suggestions? To constantly mollify the Beckies because, let’s face it, they’re more likely the ones who can afford to support your advertisers.

No, thank you.

I’ll take my rage and my privilege somewhere else. Somewhere that I’m not just free advertising for a company whose morals I cannot support.

Please note, of course, this is all purely my opinion. Feel free to have your own and to state it below if you so please. I won’t be offended if it’s different, I swear. I am not calling for a boycott or saying they’re all horrible people.

Rage fatigue is real. I shouldn’t feel it in a group created because we all love the news.


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