Social Media Socializing

This cartoon by Adam Ellis has stuck with me since the first time I saw it [on the Facebook page of Buzzfeed comics]. I LOVE it. Two of the people I talk with most often are also extreme introverts, so we would never have gotten to be so friendly were it not for the safety of being able to chat from our own homes doing our own thing, separate, but together. Social media is also super important to me since so many of my family members and other loved ones live six hours away.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the total strangers I’ve met because of social media. Recently, I because a Skimm’bassador [not Skimming yet? Read why you should here.], which came with an invite to the  SB facebook group. Because of my 11,000+ new, virtual BFFs, I have had several wonderful experiences I never would have had were it not for the screen in my hand.

  • Coffee! A Skimm’bassador from Charleston recently wrote about her love of local coffee, so we did an exchange between her favorite, Black Tap, and the coffee shop across the street from my apartment — where I even worked once upon a time. Twin City Hive has only ever used locally-roasted beans, and they have since expanded and even have their own blends now. AND — who doesn’t love getting mail?


  • Puppies! Saturday I’ll be driving another batch of rescued puppers on their way to forever homes. I never would have done it the first time were it not for a post in the SB group. I love this way of volunteering, AND my contact is super hilarious with her own postings.

    This is my “trying to play it cool but my car is full of puppies” face.
  • Rose-Colored Roundup! Another SB recently started this weekly e-goodnews-letter. There is a lot of heavy shiz happening right now. This newsletter isn’t trying to ignore that fact, but, rather, highlight the NOT terrible things that our 24/7 BREAKING NEWS!!!! cycle doesn’t usually take the time to discuss…. because they’re not terrible and terrible sells more ad space? I don’t know how that works. I happy would pay good money to NOT yell at the television whenever Hampton has the news on.  Luckily, Rose-Colored Roundup is FREE and you can sign up for your own subscription here.


  • Plus, I never would have checked were it not for an SB post. Heck, yeah, my graduate school owing a couple hundred dollars! And before you say “that’s not particularly social”, I then shared the site on my own FB wall and several people I know in real life mentioned it worked for them, too, so there.


While, yes, it is totally rude to constantly check your phone when on a date or out with friends, and it’s really not healthy to let Candy Crush take over your life [do people still play Candy Crush?], don’t let The Man make you feel guilty just because we now communicate in different ways [I’m not even a millennial and it totally annoys me how much y’all get blamed for]. Find your tribe and connect with them however works best for your relationship. Even if that’s never in person.

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