Weekend o’ Joy

If you saw my post-rehearsal Instagram gif on Friday night, you know I had big plans for doing very little this weekend.  Preferably while not wearing pants.  The weekend before was spent around lots of people I didn’t know seeing a band I didn’t know (#goodwifeaward) and this week was a rush of Nunsense choreo, so I was looking forward to lots of me time.  Did it work? Well….

Saturday morning started off promisingly lazy, catching up on this week’s Masterchef. They had to french a lamb rack, which made Hampton pay more attention than I’ve ever seen him pay to a cooking show.


We are lucky enough to live surrounded by several great restaurants, so after Hampton went to work, I took myself to Willow’s. They recently updated my favorite grilled romaine salad, adding pork fried shiitakes, and I hadn’t gotten down to try it yet. It was definitely worth the wait.

Seriously, you have to try this salad. My preference is with some gorgeous ahi tuna.
After that, I decided to do a good deed and would try to give blood. Turns out “try” was the operative word. Not because my iron levels were too low, but because the donation center isn’t open on Saturdays. This is super frustrating, and if anyone can tell me why, I’d love to hear it – maybe I can ask one of the 14 daily robocalls I get from the American Red Cross begging me to come in…..

That plan thwarted, I finally was able to visit the Colony Urban Farm Store. I have been wanting some beeswax wrap to use in place of plastic, and I need to find some good reusable snack bags. Success!  Until I went to pay.  And my card was declined. At which point I realized it was the wrong card, so no wonder my PIN didn’t work. Because I’d left my debit card at Willow’s. And I hadn’t even had any wine at lunch because I thought I was going to donate blood! D’oh. Strike two for the day.

After purchasing my beeswax wrap and stopping back at the restaurant to retrieve my debit card, it was time for a reward. There is no greater return on investment than the one on a pedicure.

Best $20 ever.
Once my toes were pretty, I headed home to snuggle some corgimutts and study the Nunsense choreo videos. All of them. And the notes for my solos. So many, many notes.

However did we learn everything before smart phones?
Less cleaning than planned happened on Saturday, but it’s *my* weekend so there. And I had dinner ready when Hampton got in, so he didn’t mind (:

Sunday started off with taco leftovers from the night before — with an egg to make breakfast tacos, and my favorite morning mocktail of club soda with a splash of Trader Joe’s agua fresca with hibiscus and The Greens from It Works.


After such a healthy and fortifying meal, it was time to do All The Cleaning!

The corgimutts had other plans.
Rather than worry about a To Do list, since it was the Weekend o’Joy, I worked as I was inspired. Throughout the day, the floors were swept and Swiffered, the kitchen cleaned, the tub and shower scrubbed, the sheets changed, and the corgimutts bathed in between choreo study sessions. I didn’t get to Mount Laundry, but I’m refusing to feel guilty because the floors were swept and Swiffered, the kitchen cleaned, the tub and shower scrubbed, the sheets changed, and the corgimutts bathed in between choreo study sessions.

It’s not a cleaning day without some classic rom-com background noise, so I pulled out some early aught favorites, starting with Wimbledon in honor of the end of this year’s tournament.


While doing all my straightening and studying, I also had my first experiment with phyllo dough!


Hampton admitted he fully expected to walk into my yelling and/or crying, but everything turned out pretty darn well. I used a Kraft Foods recipe for a Mediterranean salmon, and Valerie Bertinelli’s roasted asparagus and mushrooms with a chile-lemon salt. There was an extra piece of salmon in the packet we had, so after dinner, I broiled it up with some of the chile-lemon salt, and then added it and the leftover veg and spinach/feta topping to some leftover glass noodles and *bam* instant lunches for the week!

This totally deserves another picture.
Despite a few annoyances, this weekend still goes in the Win column. May your week be as successful!

clean puppies and clean sheets. Good night!







    1. Ann Davis-Rowe

      Mainly berry with a hint of cinnamon (also in the juice), a slight floral note, and just enough bitterness from the soda.

      …it’s mainly best for making me feel like a health goddess because I didn’t make a Bloody Mary.

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