The Last Supper

This morning saw the start of rehearsals for The Last Supper at Theatre Alliance, a cantata about Leonardo da Vinci’s struggle to paint his masterpiece – until an angelic muse brings Jesus and the Apostles to life for the artist, infusing the historical figures with humanity so that he could capture them in painting.

We’re performing this show as a staged concert and open on Maundy Thursday, the day used to commemorate the actual Last Supper. I appreciate the way TA constantly keeps their lineup changing, from raunchier shows like Rock of Ages to a biopic of Hank Williams to this sweet piece.

We have a very short period to pull together lots of challenging music, but I’m looking forward to it!  I haven’t done this sort of choral work in awhile, and it’s great hearing the ensemble converge on a chord and feeling a part of something bigger, something more complex than your traditional musical theatre piece. And I’m pretty excited to use my “big girl voice” on a very touching solo toward the end. I do so love an 11 o’clock ballad (;

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