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Week 13, 2022

Mon 3/28: fried ravioli and bresaola salad. We needed a quick and easy meal. Frozen fried ravioli and cured meat to the rescue. Bresaola and arugula salad is one of our favorite things from our Italian honeymoon. Note to self moving forward: don’t make the whole bag of ravioli. You will regret it. #agingisnotfortheweak Tues […]


Week 12, 2022

Mon 3/21: lamb chops and Mediterranean salad. As always, lamb for 132° for an hour forty-five, as inspired by this post. Our salad was Trader Joe’s marinated chickpeas with cucumber and artichoke hearts. The fresh and canned veg balanced out the heavily processed chickpeas. Splashes of lemon juice and red wine vin brought it all […]


Week 11, 2022

Sorry if you’re getting an email about this post twice. Don’t WordPress after midnight, kids. Welp, between tech for RAGTIME and Hampton going back into rehearsals for his COVID- and ice-delayed show, dinners this week were much more on the “get it done” side. EXCEPT: octopus. I had almost definitely never tried octopus before Hampton […]


Weeks 9 & 10, 2022

Mon 2/28: steak and eggs with asparagus and hashbrowns. There were potatoes and asparagus and eggs from Well Rooted Farm to use up, so we decided to try to perfect hasbrowns… and missed a crucial step in the de-starching process. Still delicious thanks a Smoke City Meat bavette. Tues 3/1: French Country sausage and artichoke […]



As mentionedt: I’m in rehearsals! I’m in the ensemble of RAGTIME with Piedmont Opera. I’ll have more to share about this moving forward — maybe? Who knows. — but for now, here are the details. Fun fact: when I looked up the ticket link to share on Twitter after our first ensemble-only music rehearsal, I […]


Weeks 7 & 8, 2022

Whew, where the heck did the past two weeks go. I’m in rehearsals — which I just realized I haven’t actually written about. Ok, more on that this week. Anyway, six hours of call on a Sunday definitely gets in the way of my sharing recipes with… all five of you… esp. as Sunday is […]