Ann Davis-Rowe

Fail to plan and, well, you know…

As mentioned, we had a compressed rehearsal schedule for The Addams Family. In order to make good food choices and still fit into my costume, I prepped both lunches AND dinners during those few weeks. It really didn’t take that much longer to do and made me feel so much better in the long run. …I […]


Summer Days, Drinkin’ Away….

I used to be an Irish drink only gal – Guinness and Jameson, with the occasional Bailey’s. I have since learned – largely since meeting my husband – that there are So Many More other good things to drink! Here my go-to’s for the summer of 2018. Largely inspired by Hampton and his job WHO […]


Good Choices are Good. Sometimes.

We’ve all seen those lists that say what your food cravings really mean, be it in cute infographic or long-form article. For one of those, click here. I have another, somewhat related and 100% completely non-scientific, theory. Maybe, instead of thinking too deeply about macros, minerals, temperature, etc., to redirect tempation, think about flavor profiles. We are […]