Ann Davis-Rowe

Literary jill-of-all-trades. Secretary. Performer. Wannabe librarian. Lover of food. And dogs.

The More Things Change… daily poetry emails are a welcome start to my day. They are usually thought-provoking and usually introduce me to someone new. I was recently struck by The Puppet-Player by Angelina Weld Grimké: Sometimes it seems as though some puppet-player, A clenched claw cupping a craggy chin Sits just beyond the border of our seeing, Twitching […]


Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

How in the world is it the end of January already? Obviously, I am starting off super well at celebrating what’s happening at Flat 493. As mentioned, I’ve found a great group of cooks and food photographers who come up with Instagram collaborations to challenge my menu – and iPhone photography skills! • Technique – […]