As mentionedt: I’m in rehearsals! I’m in the ensemble of RAGTIME with Piedmont Opera.

I’ll have more to share about this moving forward — maybe? Who knows. — but for now, here are the details. Fun fact: when I looked up the ticket link to share on Twitter after our first ensemble-only music rehearsal, I finally realized that two of my favorite former co-stars are two of the leading ladies.

*Any* show is worth the cost to see Pauline Cobrda. I used to think I was put on this earth to be the next Ethel Merman. Then I met Pauline. She played Mother Superior when I did Nunsense a few years back — and broke her foot opening weekend and Just. Kept. Going. Amazing performer, and, even better, an amazing person. So giving, so loving. And not just because she cast me as Morticia in Addams Family. Another fun fact: we first met when I did NOT get cast opposite her in Gypsy. I asked during one reading if I could get in her face. She agreed. And finished the scene calling me “tall girl”. I reminded her of this during Nunsense and she had no idea. Or at least claimed to (;

Mother is being sung by Jennifer DeDominci. Jen was Nellie when I was in the ensemble of South Pacific with the opera (they do a musical every other year) when I first moved to town eight years ago. I didn’t audition, but had just done a show with the stage manger in Raleigh and joked “if you need a belter, I’ve done the show twice.”…. and got the call up one random Friday night. My first proper audition in the area was for 9-5, where I was cast as Judy, and Jen went on to play Judy in a professional gig. So we have played two of the same roles — but sound 0% alike.

I hate when classical soprano Kelli O’Hara tries to do belty mezzo roles (like Nellie, and Babe in Pajama Game, both of whom I have played, and my dream role, Ella in Bells Are Ringing. I blame her for it not getting a Broadway pickup therefore relegating this delightful show to forgotten history so I am going to age out before someone near me actually produces it.), but Jen…. she is a dang delight for the ears. Very proper and classical, but also capable of the acting required in songs written for Mary Martin and Judy Holiday. Words do not exist for how excited I am to hear her sing the amazing Mother music, a part, I will never ever play. I sent her a text when I realized — and I have not texted her in who knows how long, and she was so gracious in her reply.

Besides these amazing actresses, holy heck. I sometimes get distracted singing my chorus parts because it sounds so dang good. Also, there will be a Model T and a train onstage. Tickets and more info here.


  1. Melissa Ridley Elmes

    RAGTIME! I am so delighted for you and also, so jealous! ❤ BREAK A LEG! and have the most glorious time (of course you will!)

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