Know Your Worth

This popped up in my fb memories today. How could I forget this glorious piece of campy joy??

Oh, that’s right – because while I was playing one of my dream roles, I was also in the midst of a toxic work situation and my mental health was at a very, very low point.

Know your worth, kids. And please see a therapist if you forget it, because that outside reminder is what we all need sometimes. And sometimes we need more, and that’s cool, too.

I dashed this off last night and it resonated with a lot of people, so I figured I’d keep it here, too.

I do feel the need to add that I realize how privileged I was that I had the time and money to find a therapist and also that I lucked into finding a new job – with the best boss ever – shortly thereafter.

Finding help can be a struggle all it’s own. I’m happy to use put my masters in library science to work researching professionals in your area. You’re worth it.


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