Cooking for Friends. Ish?

Social media gets a bad rap a lot of the time — but I still love it. One reason I love it is to meet people I never would have otherwise.

Eman is one of those people. She is an aerial dancer in Toronto, and I have always been fascinated by the aerial arts and how much strength it takes. Her Instagram is very inspirational!

Anyway, she commented on a recent food pic that if only she ate chicken… so when I needed to figure out food for this past weekend, I asked her what she eats so I could narrow down my Pinterest stash.

Turns out, she’s a pescatarian who avoids wheat. Easy peasy! If any of these sound appealing to you, please click through to see the proper food blogger photos. And let me know if you try them!

Artichoke, Cauliflower, and Mushroom Barigoule

I added olives because… olives. Also, this is meant to be served as a first course, in place of a salad. I served it on top of some proteiny Trader Joe’s wild rice medley for a proper meal.

Spicy Sesame Zoodles with Crispy Tofu

So, I am really bad at pan frying tofu. I usually bake it instead to get a crispy edge with less mess.

This recipe specifically spelled out to use a non-stick pan. I probably should have figured that out before because it worked perfectly.

Anyway…. Holy heck. This is delightful. Super easy to sub out the soy sauce for tamari, which is gluten-free.

Very much looking forward to the leftovers and making this on multiple occasions! The sauce is sweet and spicy and salty and divine. I edited a bit by adding some fancy mushrooms because sautéed mushrooms sounded really appealing when I was shopping for the tofu and zucchini.

Also, I finally used the $5 veggie spiralizer I picked up at Marshall’s a few months ago, and it worked so much better than the fancy one I asked for for Christmas a few years back. Be prepared for all the zoodle recipes from here on out.

Fish Piccata

The first thing Hampton really taught me to make was a piccata-y white wine/caper sauce. He’s also the first person I knew who cooked with capers and didn’t just toss them on bagels with lox.

When he said he could go for a light white fish dish with wine wine and capers this weekend, I was so excited because it matched my meal plan!

I did this meal sans recipe, but, if you’re new to the concept, the link above is basically it.

Also, I sautéed some zucchini cut into half-moons (since I had them for the zoodles) and fancy mushrooms (from the Food Lion pack I added to the tofu) with just evoo and garlic powder, then added the leftover barigoule. The tangy white wine base on the veg paired perfectly with the piccata.

Have a great week! Happy eating – and maybe go make a new internet friend.

Occasionally I say semi-profound things on Instagram upon which I want to expound. Or just keep more easily accessible for posterity. This is that place – click on the “repost” tag for more.

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