The Adult Dish: How to Organize/File Your Paperwork

Did you know that many library education programs result in not just a Master of Library Science degree, but a Master of Library and Information Science degree?

I’m not bitter at all that my alma mater changed from MLS to MLIS shortly after I graduated.

J/K, totally bitter

In my day job as a professional secretary, information management is kindof my thing. While sometimes people think I’m not actually doing anything because my desk is so clean, nothing makes me prouder than when my boss can find something in my absence because my system makes so much sense.

Therefore, I was quite happy to write about how to better organize paperwork for The Adult Dish!

Click here for all the details.


  1. romcomdojo

    Right there with ya. My desk is so organized, one time a coworker knocked my pen cup over by accident, saw the look on my face, and literally ran out of my office!

    Organization is the only way I stay sane and on top of my work!

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