To Boldly Kill Where… Someone… Has Killed Before?

Last night, the Phoenix Theatre Co. brought the fantasy-and-sci-fi-themed murder mystery that we used to celebrate #jessip to our home at the Pittsboro Roadhouse & General Store.

Jessica and Phillip jumped in the cast themselves this time, but our dear friend Ali was busy being fabulous in another show. Where could we find a young actress to play a fan of the wizarding world?

Enter #thebestinternever, Tracy, who my good friend Jenny (of Dancing Lemur fame) first worked with last summer. Tracy jumped right in to our craziness and played right along — and her folks and fiancé even came to the show!

The Phoenix Theatre Co.: have space, will murder mystery!

When someone (*cough cough my husband cough*) picks you up from work and brings your packed bag… but forgets your wig… you have to improvise….
I could just have carried this all night?


AND I got to use my new Lo & Sons bag. It fit the costume, boots, change of clothes for after, makeup, hair stuff, Ollivander’s wand box, AND my purse. …would have been room for the wig, too… (;

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