So Many Possibilities

*whew*, what a long two and a half weeks! The last two weeks alone, I logged over 60 hours at the day job and had nearly 80 hours of called rehearsal time. But so, so very worth it.

It feels like an understatement to say it was an honor to be part of such a beautiful production. And the inaugural one for a new company, at that! Every single person involved — cast, orchestra, crew, staff alike — was not just ridiculously talented, but hard working and (best of all) pleasant as well. Between the great environment, the obvious intensity and gratitude of the audience, and those darn soaring violins, by the time our George’s voice cracked with emotion on his last line, it was all I could do to not sob through curtain call. Every. Single. Performance.

Never think you shouldn’t audition for something, that it’s too far out of your league or your range. Each new show is a blank canvas. Just like George’s favorite. So many possibilities…

First rehearsal with the orchestra, posted by NC Summer Rep
Thursday night on the couch after the preview performance with George
Cast and staff at the opening night reception, via Anthony Cataldo
shamelessly stolen from Alex May
prepping for the next one. NUNSENSE rehearsals start tonight!
picture perfect. from NC Summer Rep

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