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other duties as assigned

I try not to talk about my day job because I don’t want them held responsible for the things I say politically or the things I do theatrically. But this time: they asked me to do something theatrical. So this is on them. I just directed my first readers theater-style show: there was limited staging […]


Nurse’s Orders

I’m participating in another August Break from Susannah Conway on Instagram. I’ve really come to appreciate these times of focus every few months. Saturday’s prompt was “glass”, which tied in perfectly with this silly story from Saturday… which I’m only now sharing here on Monday. You don’t follow me for timeliness. ——– On my way […]


Recipe Roundup

Flat 493 was always a fan of home cooking, but with *gestures vaguely*, we have really stepped up our game. In embracing “good” this year and all the good we do in our kitchen, planning/hoping to share more of what we do. Some our faves thus far in 2021: • Half Baked Harvest’s White Wine […]


Moving On

For the past few years, I’ve picked a word-of-the-year. 2020’s was “celebrate”.  #hindsight2020 I’ve decided that 2021’s is to be “good”. As in “don’t let perfect be the enemy of”. As such, here are some things worth celebrating, to wrap up the year of celebrations that weren’t: — I read 107 books in 2020. — […]