Reference Desk

The internet is one of my favorite things ever. So many cool sites and apps and newsletters and access to products to make our lives easier or more interesting – or just save a few bucks (;

Here are my faves – in alphabetical order, of course.

Full disclosure: with most of them, if you – or enough of you – sign up, I get a prize. Even if it’s just a warm fuzzy feeling.

Ebates – get paid back for online shopping.

FinalStraw – I have never been so excited for a Kickstarter ever. My wannabe hippie soul has had trouble getting away from plastic straws. This will make it idiotproof.

Givling – play trivia to pay off student loans. Your karma will thank you. Use code AD391646 and I will thank you.

Ibotta – get money back on stuff you’d buy anyway.

Influenster – rate stuff you’ve tried, get free stuff to rate.

Quip – budget-friendly motorized toothbrush with convenient built-in timer. I LOVE the timer.

Qapital – round up your spare change, save a buck on each Target run, even pay yourself every time 45 tweets.

Shopkick – earn money by visiting your favorite stores! My favorite stores, anyway.

Swagbucks – watch videos and take surveys for extra cash.

Tip Yourself – get rewarded for good deeds by the person who matters most: you!

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